Protecting your car’s interior is a must in sunny Southwest Florida! It’s also nice to stay a little cooler and have a little privacy from other motorists! Here at All Under Wraps, we offer many different technologies of tint depending upon your budget or your need for top of the line material to keep out as much heat as possible! Times are changing and technology is developing at a high rate of speed. Different materials are used in manufacturing to block, reflect or absorb the energy coming from the sun. I can show you a film from a new technology, that is virtually clear, but will still block out more heat and infrared than a limo film will, which is the one of the darkest films out there. Due to the advancement in today’s technology you don’t have to have a dark or blacked out car to stay cool! These films are also available for your motorhome, RV and boat, which we also install. Our films offer different levels of heat protection based upon the material they are made up of.

Give me a call at 239-986- 0295 and I will help you decide which of the three levels you need to help reduce the glare from the sun and the bright lights from the other motorists. All of our films come with a lifetime warranty. If you select the top of the line film, then it comes with a “no fault” warranty where we will replace one car window that has been damaged for free. Another added benefit of window film is that it helps keeps the glass together in case of breakage. You won’t find a million of shattered pieces in your car over the next few years, instead they will for the most part all stay intact within the film like in this picture. Not only do you hear about broken windows from accidents and attempted robberies these days, but also from road rage cases so it’s good to be extra careful and err on the side of caution. Window film also makes it harder for people to see inside of your car. That helps keep your personal belongings safe. Nowadays it’s common for you to hear stories on the news about peoples cars being broken into and all of their valuables being taken, it’s nice to think that this is one more thing that you can do to help protect yourself against being robbed.