Not blocking all the light

It's been a busy week so far and today's customer was worried about heat protection and not making the house look like a dark cave. I had previously stripped and tinted his truck awhile back, so he was aware of the benefits of window film. We decided that Suntek syds 35 was the film that would fix the need for visibility and protection at the same time in his home. It is one of the lighter shades of film yet out still blocks out 60% of the total solar energy coming into the home and 99% UV. He also Read more [...]

Dump truck driver protection

This dump truck driver was getting blasted by the sun, and all its heat and skin damaging UV. So we were contracted to Tint the two doors, we used Suntek 35% so that we stayed within the Florida standards, so there is no problems with D.O.T., dump trucks and other construction vehicles are on the roads almost all day, they benefit from window film as much as everyone else. Before After Before After, with addition of finger Read more [...]

Test Post 1

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