Can’t be 100 all the time but I will fix my mistakes!

I installed the film on this car about a couple weeks ago, I think it was the windiest day of the year, perfect for making tint kites. I’m a mobile service business so I’m out in the elements, Tinting glass, fighting mother nature in epic battles, some days, most days I get the point this day she got me. The gust from above came and grabbed my film as I was installing it, I was so focused on getting a pet hair out that the film had caught, that I didn’t see the small crease that had happened. I told the customer the usual, give it a couple days to dry and it should look good. Well a week later she called and said there was a line in the film, I checked her schedule against mine and got out there a couple days later to fix the window, no charge to her, she was happy to get it fixed, I should have spotted it first, but sometimes that’s what happens when your fighting dirty with Mother nature and she was being viscous that day!

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