Short notice tint job

I had just finished up my mornings work and got a call from a customer needing his truck tinted. He had the day off and wasn't sure if it was possible to get it done before he had to work for the rest of the week. I was able to meet up with him soon after and discuss what his concerns were, cost and heat protection were on the top of the list, so Sunteks carbon series was the perfect choice. Good amount of heat protection at 44%, especially since the tinted or privacy glass does nothing for heat Read more [...]

Hot car looking cooler

This beautiful 1970 Chevelle SS was in need of some privacy and heat protection as well as protecting the interior. I had done his sons challenger a while back and now he had gotten this beautiful car. So I was contacted by the son and got in touch with his father with a time and date I could get to him. Now I had seen pictures ahead of time but the car looks great in person, love the color especially out in the sun, wow! The car looks great now, nice and dark, with a 56% heat reduction, with some Read more [...]

New Toyota Camry feels like a fishbowl

This customer just purchased her new car and was dying in the Florida sun and heat, plus she had no privacy at all. So we got together on which film she was looking for, I have previously done her co-workers vehicles and she was happy with the work that had been done and that they were pleased as well. She wanted the best protection from the heat while staying legal, so I told her about Sunteks CXP line. That was exactly what she was looking for, the results will be felt immediately from the heat Read more [...]

No job too small…

Just got a call from a customer that needed a visor strip on his Plymouth Prowler, he had called three other shops that couldn't get it done this morning and was about ready to give up until he called me, I was able to come to his house and install the visor for him and his wife without him having to take his car out and worry about the lovely Florida rain later this afternoon. This was a very small job for me, but it made a big difference to this customer. Before After Read more [...]

Google starting to work for me

I've been doing a lot of work to try and get listed with the big boys on Google, everyone sharing is a great help, this customer found me on Google and read the reviews my customers had posted and I was asked to come tint there Mazda CX9. When I arrived I spoke with the wife about what she was concerned with and she wanted the children blocked from the heat, the rear of the Mazda already had privacy glass on it, even though it looks dark it does nothing for heat or UV, so we decided to go over that Read more [...]

While your here…

I was up at North Trail RV and I was asked to give an estimate on a coach for the driver and passenger side windows, while I was measuring the windows I spoke with one of the technicians about doing his pickup. I told him I would be back the next day to do his truck and the coach. I wasn't able to access the coach until later so I jumped on the truck first thing, it has film perviously on it so a little extra cleaning was required. The customer also requested a visor higher than the previous one, Read more [...]

Out with the old in with the new

A few days ago, I met this customer while I was doing another job and he was interested in getting his old film removed and new darker film put on, his pickup truck, it's a work truck so the film had taken some abuse over the years, After looking at his vehicle the front two doors really took most of the abuse, so to save a little money we decided to leave the film on the back half of the truck and strip and tint the front doors, and put an extra layer of film over his existing film on the rear half, Read more [...]

Angry Jeep, looks a bit more aggressive!

When I first came in contact with this customer, he had seen me driving down the street, in my subtle yellow VW, ha. We communicated back and forth about wrapping his Jeep and what could and couldn't be done, color choices. Wraps aren't cheap, so while he's getting his money together for the wrap he decided that it was getting hot in this Florida sun and maybe window film should be on his list of upgrades. So we spoke about what would be best for his concerns, heat and privacy was on the top of that Read more [...]

Fixing aftermath of excavator incident

I was contacted by a local equipment rental company that had an incident with a giant weight and the window on this excavator. He zigged when he should have zagged and the end result was a broken window and new film needing to be installed. They were in need of a very dark film to make it as comfortable as possible for the operator. This was such a large window it was nice to have the assistance of my wife to keep a second set of hands to help hold the film. Great care was taken to cover all the Read more [...]

The view was, not so good…

Today's customer has a F250 pickup and the film that had previously been installed had a lot of problems to say the least. He had peeling, fingers, bubbles, fading and the film was turning purple. So all the film needed to be removed and start over fresh, now my customer likes his privacy so only the darkest film will cut it, so Suntek Carbon 5%, basically limo tint, was chosen to darken things up. Once the steamer was warmed up I jumped in the backseat and found that there was two layers of film Read more [...]