Photo bomb time…

Been super busy, some of my latest projects have been, ceiling lights at Coast Chiropractics office, to stop from blinding the patients while they're getting adjusted. They chose a stone pattern that looks very soothing for the patients. Another customer that had an entry that you could see straight thru the house, so she chose a bamboo film for a beautiful view and full privacy. She also wanted some heat protection on other windows in the home as well, so All Under Wraps took care of that also. Read more [...]

Trying to get a GRIP on the heat coming in this office

My friend Natalie works for GRIP websites, she designs websites for as little as $250! She was dying in her office and needed me to come out and tint her windows. She already had a film on there but it wasn't doing enough to block the heat coming into the room. So I ripped it off and we started over again, I took readings on the ground before the film came off it was about 89°, once the film came off it went up to almost 92° within a few minutes, and after I installed the new film, again within Read more [...]

Jordan’s Automotive needs film!

I've known the owners of Jordan's Automotive for quite a few months now. A great family owned and operated automotive repair/maintenance business in Ft Myers and I've had the pleasure of working with them for their customers Tinting needs and some of their own familys film needs. But today they needed the film on the front of the business removed and reinstalled, the sun had really beaten it up over the years, and it was time to go. I needed tires on my car as, so while they did the install of them Read more [...]

Old purple tint on office window

This office was looking out on his work yard, the view thru this nasty old film was horrible, it had what we call fingers that ran from the top to the bottom and was separated from the glass. I showed the customer one of the darkest film on the market, it blocks out 79% of the heat and gives almost complete privacy. The only time this film is viewable from the outside is at night with the lights on inside, as with all film you can see right in at night as if there's nothing on the glass. When the Read more [...]