Fleet service

This morning I was doing a little window tinting in Cape Coral. Taking care of Royal Air Systems Inc. fleet, sprinter van and Ford van. Also installed film on some of his family members cars while I was there! This film will help keep them much cooler from job to job, and protect them from harmful UV! Thanks Quarry from High Impact Designz for the referral! Read more [...]

BNI day!

Today was full of BNI goodness, a meeting in the morning and then tinted two of my referral partners cars after that. BNI is a group I joined where Members meet every week to discuss business and support each other's business by sharing referrals in an effort for everyone to grow. I installed Suntek CXP 35 film on the front two doors of my friend Liz's Hyundai, for a 53% heat block. She has been getting blasted by the sun since she purchased her new car. I had fixed all the old purple, bad film that Read more [...]

Jordan’s Automotive needs film!

I've known the owners of Jordan's Automotive for quite a few months now. A great family owned and operated automotive repair/maintenance business in Ft Myers and I've had the pleasure of working with them for their customers Tinting needs and some of their own familys film needs. But today they needed the film on the front of the business removed and reinstalled, the sun had really beaten it up over the years, and it was time to go. I needed tires on my car as, so while they did the install of them Read more [...]

Safety in mind

After my eye Dr. saw the benefits of a safety film she immediately wanted her new townhome protected as well. She had been broken into on several occasions and was tired of the stress and worry about being violated and stolen from at her business, many expensive eyeglass frames were stolen not to mention broken glass everywhere from the window. A clear safety film was installed to perfect her office while still allowing customers to see into it. On her home however she was still worried about the Read more [...]

Residential window film

Saturday morning beautiful day for Tinting windows. I have a customer in a Mobil home park in North Ft Myers FL that was getting blinded by the sun in the afternoon, and the heat that was coming in would heat the entire house at the end of the day. I was contacted to give an estimate for blocking the heat and glare. We decided to go with Suntek syds 15 for its very high heat protection, 99% UV block and crystal clear view. My customer was so happy to have the film they had debated about choosing Read more [...]

My introduction

I probably should have posted this first, my name is David Cammarata, I have been installing windows film for a large family owned company since 2004. I install residential and commercial film for solar heat protection and privacy, as well as tinting automobiles. In 2013 my wife Megan and I started this company. I started by wrapping my 07 VW GTI With a 3m matte olive green vinyl A couple years later I got tired of that color and decided to remove it and do 3m matte blue metallic vinyl Then Read more [...]