Today I'm finally able to post pictures about my most recent job, my customers had gone out of town and I didn't want to ruin the reveal! I have been working with a local designer and printer to get this all to come together over the last few weeks. This was my first printed wrap install I've done. All the other wrap installs I've done have been just for color change, this was a totally different animal! I enlisted help from a good friend who could help me clean the car and help handle these huge Read more [...]

Busy week, photo dump!

It's been a very busy week, I'm so happy that all of these new customers have been hearing about my company thru word of mouth, off of Google and seeing me driving around to and from jobs, like repeat customers with day old 2017 suburbans that needed their interiors and children saved from harmful heat and UV, or brand new Kias, recommended by the dealership to give me a call! And another repeat customer that got their corvette lights all blacked out, the car looked amazing when it was done. Also Read more [...]

They love the perfs so much they can’t stop

After doing the perforated vinyl window film for the entry of their office they wanted to continue the theme thru the office. The customer went onto Shutterstock.com and choose an image from their gallery of pictures, and I sent that image to my printer who rendered it to the size I needed, once it was approved by the customer he had it printed in no time, which is great because he's very busy. I scheduled time to come out and install for them and I have to say I love the way these look, they turned Read more [...]

Local radio DJs Corvette in need of bumper protection

I've listened to this guy for years on the radio, he's great and he's married to my eye Dr., Whom I've done alot of work for. They contacted me about getting a clear bra put on the corvette they had recently purchased and they were trying to preserve the paint. I'm not a big fan of clear bra myself, I don't like seeing the line it leaves on the car, I've seen it damage paint just by removing it, many more reasons. So I told him the cons, as they had looked up the product online where he had heard Read more [...]

The Beast is coming alive

Everytime I see this Jeep it gets better and better, he recently added a new rear bumper and swing arm that looks serious on the back end, but today we're working on the sides and front end, with a little vinyl. The customer found a font that he liked alot, so we went back and forth with what we could do to accent his ride, and he came up with some great ideas, it looks great, I always picture it in my head while we're planning everything, but when you see it completed looks better than I thought. Read more [...]

Blue chrome vinyl testing

I have a customer that wants his modified widebody Mazda miata wrapped in blue chrome, he has one of the hardest cars with one of the most difficult vinyls to work with and it's the most expensive vinyl out right now. If you overheat it, it turns white, if you overstretch it, it turns white, just doing the mirrors on my wife's car was difficult enough I don't think it's gonna stretch the way I need it to. It probably took an hour per mirror to do, and I had to rip it off in the end. Vinyl has its Read more [...]

Office privacy needed

My customer today was in need of privacy on the main window when you walk into their business, it was like a fishbowl the customer tells me. They were looking for something with a design, beach theme that would go with the rest of the office, so we discussed using a perforated vinyl, they are great for advertising or adding a picture to deter people from seeing into areas they aren't supposed to. After deciding on a picture to use, I got with my printer and arranged a time to print this perf, after Read more [...]

Nissan with flaking peeling paint

This customer has a Nissan Titan pickup and the paint and clear coat was deteriorating faster than it should. So instead of painting the whole truck he decided he would like to accent it and tie it in with the wheels a little more. So we looked thru the 3m sample book and found what would match up to the wheels, exactly what he was looking for. To prepare for this job the customer was made aware that I was going to try and scrub most of the peeling off to have the best surface to install the new Read more [...]

Kia got some Soul

Got a phone call and the young man has a Kia Soul that he purchased black gloss vinyl for, he and someone else attempted to try and do the wrap and realized they bit off a little too much. So we were contacted to install the customers vinyl, he brought the car over and dropped it and the vinyl off for us to get started on. He had told me that he had waxed the car so all that had to be taken off and a good wipe down with alcohol to get it nice and clean before we could wrap. After that it was just Read more [...]

I can’t wrap a present to save my life, but this fender..

I can't, can't wrap a present, you either get a racing stripe on the bottom playing peekaboo with the box, or seventeen pieces of tape and the square package is looking more round now, or you just get it in a bag, and be happy! But this fender needed to be wrapped in carbon fiber and I was up for the job, the customer had bought his own vinyl and was going to try and install himself but was having a hard time with it not being mounted to anything, so contacted me to install for him. This fender had Read more [...]