Keep your customers and employees more comfortable when you can regulate the temperature in your retail / office environment. With window film on, the heat gets stopped at the glass so it doesn’t actually enter your stores or offices. That means your air conditioner doesn’t have to over compensate for the hot rooms versus the cold rooms. By stopping the heat at the glass is that you don’t get a buildup of heat between your glass and blinds which slowly heats up a room. Window film stops that heat completely by not letting it in the room. Then you can open your blinds to control the amount of light you want in, and to enjoy your view of the outside. Another benefit of window film is reducing the sun’s glare coming into the office. Some employees can get fatigued by too much of the suns glare, so reducing the glare means increasing productivity! One of the biggest benefits to window film is energy savings. Experts say every degree you set on your thermostat below 78 degrees adds 3 – 5% to your electric bill. I’ve seen instances where the temperature has dropped 9-14 degrees in a matter of 30 minutes. Temperature was measured with an infrared thermometer on the floor in the direct sunlight in the front of the window before and after being tinted.When you are on a work budget, and you want to maintain your expenses it’s nice to be able to keep your electric bill at an affordable level while still maintaining productivity with your employees.



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