Extension ladder required for this hot spot

I was installing some more film, for my customer with the lighthouse perfs, at their office and she asked about getting her house done as well. I had samples that I showed her and she could take home to show her husband, we set up a time that I could go and measure the windows she needed done. Originally she just wanted the sliders done to cool off the main room, which I quoted, but as I looked around the window above her entry was letting in alot of light. I asked what she had planned for that window, and she said she was thinking about blinds but they were expensive, and you can’t climb up to open and close them unless you get remote control blinds which are very expensive, so I suggested using some film to block the heat at the point at which in enters your home, the glass. She chose to go with Sunteks syds 15, which blocks 79% of the heat for her upper window and syds 25 for her sliders, to let some more light in. I’ve spoken to her since the install and she said the next day when she came home she normally would turn the air down real low to cool the house, now only had to turn it down a couple degrees, that’s gonna make a difference on the electric bill these hot summer days.

Before half done

After crystal clear view, all while gaining privacy and heat protection

Before up high

After big difference

Before exterior


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