Frosted film looks similar to a frosted or sandblasted piece of glass at a fraction of the price. It is the most effective way to get full daytime and nighttime privacy from a film while still letting in all the natural light during the daytime. This film is a great option for offices with glass partitions in between, a simple band of frost gives a sense of privacy for you and your clients. Not only does it give privacy to both sides of the partition, but it really adds some class and design to the office space while maintaining an open atmosphere. This applies to any glass around the office such as conference walls or kitchen walls, etc. Frosted films also diffuse light without cutting down the ambient light. We also have access to Casper cloaking film.This is extremely high tech film and is very beneficial for companies that are responsible for keeping sensitive client information secure and confidential while still being able to share among their employees and discuss openly in meetings and group environments. Click here for more info. The window film world goes digital, meet Invisishade: privacy in the push of a button, literally. This is one of their cutting edge products that allows you to go from a clear to frosted film in the time it takes to blink your eye (400 milliseconds). Please click here to learn more about this cutting edge product