How we protect your belongings!

Here at All Under Wraps, we know how we feel about our own personal belongings, so we make sure we go above and beyond when it comes to protecting yours!

  • Before we begin any work at your residence, we make sure to place down cloth towels on your flooring to protect it from any excess water spray.
  • We also use multiple paper towels to absorb any excess water and protect your window sills.
  • Upon entering your residence, we will put on protective shoe coverings to ensure that we don’t track in any of the dirt from the outside!
  • We are also extremely careful when we are left to move and re-set your personal belongings that are in the path of installation while we are there.
  • Safety is one of our top priorities and we handle your property with the utmost respect! We will leave your home the way we found, only cooler!

Protection for Your Home, Office, or Storefront

We use the same microfiber braid to make sure water and other contaminants do not enter carpets or door crevices.

We take great pride in leaving your storefront better than we found it. We place numerous towels on the application floor to ensure nothing ruins your carpet or tile.

Multiple towels are placed on the floor to make sure nothing ruins your carpet or tile.