Today I’m finally able to post pictures about my most recent job, my customers had gone out of town and I didn’t want to ruin the reveal! I have been working with a local designer and printer to get this all to come together over the last few weeks. This was my first printed wrap install I’ve done. All the other wrap installs I’ve done have been just for color change, this was a totally different animal! I enlisted help from a good friend who could help me clean the car and help handle these huge panels and get them into place. This was a very fun, nerve wrecking project, fun because I’ve never done this before, nerve wrecking because I’ve never done this before! The customers picked up the car this morning and loved it! Vehicle Wraps are the best, dollar for dollar, way to advertise for your business, it’s like a mobile billboard that can attract attention everywhere you drive or park! I always try to park close to the entrance of a business that way everyone coming or leaving can see it! 1 more project All Under Wraps!

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