Mobile home in need of cooling and privacy

This customer I’ve done multiple cars for but now their home needed some much needed window attention, it was in a mobile home park and the homeowner was not getting enough heat blockage from the blinds. The best answer for that is window film it stops the heat right at the glass unlike with just blinds where the the sun is blocked but the heat slowly still comes into the home. Since the customer had just moved and was getting things cleaned up they asked if I would clean the outside as well, they did have alot of dirt and dust on them, so I did and it just made my work shine even more. After I was done cleaning loaded up the car and went in to collect, it felt nice and cold inside, the customer even said it just feels calmer in here now, I love making my customers happy and keep them coming back for more.


After beautiful inside and out


During it gets darker each time but you can still see out clearly taking away all the glare


After big difference

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