After applying the film, the internal temperature of the room dropped almost 15 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Living in beautiful Southwest Florida has its advantages, but dealing with the constant sun is also something everyone down here needs to be concerned with.

Window film is a great way to help protect yourself, your family and your personal belongings against the constant barrage of dangerous UV Rays and the amount of heat that you are faced with on a daily basis. We have many shades available from a clear film that will block 99% of the UV Rays from entering your home, up to a high heat reduction film that can block up to 84% of the heat from coming into your home. If you are keeping your blinds drawn all the time to keep out the heat, glare or to keep your privacy, then window film can help you!

Sometimes customers are sold a film that isn’t manufactured to handle Florida’s intense sun. In those cases the film’s adhesive can fail which will cause it to need to be removed.Or when film that is used is dyed window film it gets bleached by the sun over time it turns purple, pink or even clear causing it to need to be removed. All Under Wraps specializes in the removal of old film.

Please give us a call at (239) 986-0295 if you have anything from purple film to a film that has a wavy appearance to it.

I am happy to show you some examples of newer, better technologies that can outperform the older films! Once the film is installed on your home you will barely notice it is there. The colors outdoor are more vibrant…the blues are bluer and the greens are greener. It’s like having a pair of polarized glasses for your home!

As we mentioned earlier, the UV Rays that come into your home and blast your furnishings and other personal belongings is something that is constantly happening and it’s something most people don’t even think of. Living down here in beautiful sunny Southwest Florida it’s something you need to think of. From your luxurious flooring, furniture, and other personal belongings that are left to sit in front of the windows all day long, they need to be protected so you don’t need to worry about replacing them more often than you should. Often times window coverings, blinds, drapes or plantation shutters are used to control privacy, heat and /or glare. Window film can help with all three of these issues by slowing down the heat from getting past the glass. This reduces the glare and makes it more difficult to see inside your home.

The film will also help to protect those expensive window coverings that you have purchased by blocking up to 99% of the harmful UV blasting through the glass and damaging delicate fabrics, woods, and strings so you can continue to open and close your window covering. They are your investments, you want them to last so you get the best value for your dollar! All Under Wraps has films that will protect your belongings by blocking 99% of UV Rays!

Slow down the fading process immensely due to the harsh Florida sunlight as well as stopping that hot Florida heat from entering your home! All you need is window film on your windows to slow down the fading and help in reducing your regular energy costs.

Experts say every degree you set on your thermostat below 78 degrees adds 3 – 5% to your electric bill. I’ve seen instances where the temperature has dropped 9-14 degrees in a matter of 30 minutes. Temperature was measured with an infrared thermometer on the floor in the direct sunlight in the front of the window before and after being tinted.


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