Safety film is film that is two to four times thicker than standard window film and also has a strong adhesive. It comes in both clear and tinted varieties depending upon what you are looking for. The purpose of safety film is to keep the glass together inside the window frame in the event of impact. For maximum protection a bead of structural sealant (silicone) is applied to the perimeter which bonds the film to the glass and the frame of the window. This type of film is great for slowing down criminals that are trying to smash and grab your belongings from your home or business. The longer it takes them to get through the safety film, the more of a deterrent it is for them. Safety film is also great at stopping rocks that get kicked up from lawn mowers or golf balls from a bad swing both which would otherwise leave you with shards of broken glass everywhere. This also adds the convenience that you can fix the broken window at your earliest convenience, not necessary right then. With the film still holding all the glass in place, it makes it harder to can get inside and neither can the weather, so if you can’t get the window fixed until tomorrow you will be okay! Living down in Southwest Florida, it’s never a bad idea to have some extra strength security on your windows to help protect in heavy wind or rain storms!