Saving energy in your home in winter?

Yes we’ll we do live in Florida, so winter comes but maybe two or three days, if we’re lucky! So for the most part it’s hot and sunny, which is great, but not if its making your home hotter, and running up your electric bill. So my friend Todd, who sells life insurance, usually cheaper than most companies out there, needed his home protected. I showed him a few samples but his mind was already made up, he wanted it nice and dark and wanted the whole house done. Sunteks syds 15 was the perfect choice, great privacy and a 79% heat block! The side by sides look very drastic but when the whole window is done it’s much more like a pair of polarized glasses for your home, the details are much clearer, the film takes away all the harsh, bright white light, and lets you see bluer blues, and greener greens. This film also blocks 99% of the UV rays which fades blinds, drapes, furniture and flooring. We’re also working on a custom stained glass film for the front door and transom window, that should be in soon! This should help Todd to save some money on his bills, just like he can help you save on your insurance, if anyone needs a quote for his services, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with him!

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