The Beast is coming alive

Everytime I see this Jeep it gets better and better, he recently added a new rear bumper and swing arm that looks serious on the back end, but today we're working on the sides and front end, with a little vinyl. The customer found a font that he liked alot, so we went back and forth with what we could do to accent his ride, and he came up with some great ideas, it looks great, I always picture it in my head while we're planning everything, but when you see it completed looks better than I thought. Read more [...]

I can’t wrap a present to save my life, but this fender..

I can't, can't wrap a present, you either get a racing stripe on the bottom playing peekaboo with the box, or seventeen pieces of tape and the square package is looking more round now, or you just get it in a bag, and be happy! But this fender needed to be wrapped in carbon fiber and I was up for the job, the customer had bought his own vinyl and was going to try and install himself but was having a hard time with it not being mounted to anything, so contacted me to install for him. This fender had Read more [...]

Chased thru traffic

So my wife and I are driving home and a white Nissan Versa comes flying past us, well we continue on our way and a little bit later a get a email from a customer looking to get his hood wrapped in carbon fiber vinyl, he didn't know if this would be to small of a job or if I would be interested in doing it. We decided to meet that way I can see what the car looks like in person, so we settled on the type of carbon fiber he liked then he said he was thinking about doing the pillars between the doors Read more [...]

A little late night soul

Todays customer called me up and wanted the back hatch of his kia soul wrapped in black gloss to match the roof we had done a little while ago. He had been very happy with the way the rest of the wrap had turned out and was anxious to have more done. So the car got cleaned and prepped for vinyl installation, great care had to be taken around the windshield washer squirter because I did not remove it but still wanted a close wrap to the car. The multiple angles on the lower portion of the hatch made Read more [...]