Friend of a friend on a Sunday

I've done quite a bit of work to his friends Jeep and with as hot as it's been getting lately, he couldn't take it anymore. Now like alot of people he's got a job, and works normal hours, so it's hard to find time to take your car to a shop and wait to have it tinted. So he calls me up on Saturday and wanted to know when we could schedule time to get his Jeep done, since he's a working man I told him I could get him done early Sunday morning at 8. Hopefully early enough to beat the rain, not so much, Read more [...]

Angry Jeep, looks a bit more aggressive!

When I first came in contact with this customer, he had seen me driving down the street, in my subtle yellow VW, ha. We communicated back and forth about wrapping his Jeep and what could and couldn't be done, color choices. Wraps aren't cheap, so while he's getting his money together for the wrap he decided that it was getting hot in this Florida sun and maybe window film should be on his list of upgrades. So we spoke about what would be best for his concerns, heat and privacy was on the top of that Read more [...]