All black everything

This customer got in touch with me after seeing my car parked at a neighboring business, he was wanting some information about vinyl wraps as well as window film. He is in the process of blacking out his Audi, and had been looking into getting it painted or another option, as he has some issues with the factory paint. So we talked about what could be done as far as vinyl, and so far he seems to be interested in black gloss, but with the amount of options out can be hard to choose, then he asked about Read more [...]

The view was, not so good…

Today's customer has a F250 pickup and the film that had previously been installed had a lot of problems to say the least. He had peeling, fingers, bubbles, fading and the film was turning purple. So all the film needed to be removed and start over fresh, now my customer likes his privacy so only the darkest film will cut it, so Suntek Carbon 5%, basically limo tint, was chosen to darken things up. Once the steamer was warmed up I jumped in the backseat and found that there was two layers of film Read more [...]