Saving energy in your home in winter?

Yes we'll we do live in Florida, so winter comes but maybe two or three days, if we're lucky! So for the most part it's hot and sunny, which is great, but not if its making your home hotter, and running up your electric bill. So my friend Todd, who sells life insurance, usually cheaper than most companies out there, needed his home protected. I showed him a few samples but his mind was already made up, he wanted it nice and dark and wanted the whole house done. Sunteks syds 15 was the perfect choice, Read more [...]

I was getting texts from a friend at the dealership, when can you tint my car!

My friend Tami, who is Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork had sold her car and was picking up this beautiful new Lincoln, she was texting me from the dealership wanting to know when her car could get done. We went over the different choices of films that I offer, and what she has had on pervious cars and came up with the right combination of heat block, and privacy. When Tami's done giving therapeutic massages all day she needs to relax herself, and the drive home should be alot Read more [...]

Another one for Jordan’s automotive!

I had this client referred to me from the owners of Jordan's Automotive. She had some bad film on the car and needed it removed and reinstalled with a much better quality film. The back window was especially bad it was all bubbled up and very hard to see thru, not very safe either. She told me the company that installed the film would not warranty the work on the back window, which was the worst window on the car. After a few hours all the old film has been removed and the new film installed. The Read more [...]

Hot little Mazda isn’t anymore, well it still looks good

This customer found me on Google and was looking to cool off his wife's car, he had film on his truck already and knows how it can benefit from it. We talked about the shades and pricing, and he wanted the most heat protection he could get, so we went with the CXP line which has a 56% heat block. The car looks and will feel alot different for them, he asked me to look at his truck while I was there and had some peeling issues as well as he wanted the back privacy glass a little darker, so hopefully Read more [...]

Office privacy needed

My customer today was in need of privacy on the main window when you walk into their business, it was like a fishbowl the customer tells me. They were looking for something with a design, beach theme that would go with the rest of the office, so we discussed using a perforated vinyl, they are great for advertising or adding a picture to deter people from seeing into areas they aren't supposed to. After deciding on a picture to use, I got with my printer and arranged a time to print this perf, after Read more [...]

Old purple tint on office window

This office was looking out on his work yard, the view thru this nasty old film was horrible, it had what we call fingers that ran from the top to the bottom and was separated from the glass. I showed the customer one of the darkest film on the market, it blocks out 79% of the heat and gives almost complete privacy. The only time this film is viewable from the outside is at night with the lights on inside, as with all film you can see right in at night as if there's nothing on the glass. When the Read more [...]

Angry Jeep, looks a bit more aggressive!

When I first came in contact with this customer, he had seen me driving down the street, in my subtle yellow VW, ha. We communicated back and forth about wrapping his Jeep and what could and couldn't be done, color choices. Wraps aren't cheap, so while he's getting his money together for the wrap he decided that it was getting hot in this Florida sun and maybe window film should be on his list of upgrades. So we spoke about what would be best for his concerns, heat and privacy was on the top of that Read more [...]

Cooling off an Airstream

I had a meeting with a local paint and bodywork owner, and we spoke about Tinting his Airstream camper. We disused his concerns about wanting privacy especially when camping and the amount of heat coming into the camper, Sunteks CXP film was chosen for its high heat protection and the privacy it will give while having crystal clear visibility. This Airstream had a considerable amount of hinges and frameless windows to cut around. When this silver bullet was done being tinted the A/C will be able Read more [...]

Customer tries to remove own film

These customers were great, they had some platinum film on their Honda Civic that was getting hard to see thru so she tried removing the film herself, and did a pretty good job until she got to the bottom of the rear window, that's where it got difficult. It's very tight in this small space, so I was called in to finish the job. After much discussion with my customer about what would be right for his needs he decided he wanted the most heat protection possible. So we spoke about Sunteks CXP film, Read more [...]

Not a cheaper film

On this Toyota Camry, the customer decided that the heat protection and the cost were the most important things to consider when choosing film. So we discussed using Suntek Carbon film, with his film choice he is rejecting 44% of the heat coming into his car. The film also gives a nice smoked look to the glass for privacy and will also protect his interior with 99% UV light being blocked. The Carbon film is a cheaper alternative to Sunteks CXP line, but is in no way a cheap film, the carbon film Read more [...]