Cooling off an Airstream

I had a meeting with a local paint and bodywork owner, and we spoke about Tinting his Airstream camper. We disused his concerns about wanting privacy especially when camping and the amount of heat coming into the camper, Sunteks CXP film was chosen for its high heat protection and the privacy it will give while having crystal clear visibility. This Airstream had a considerable amount of hinges and frameless windows to cut around. When this silver bullet was done being tinted the A/C will be able Read more [...]

Long trips across Alligator Alley film is a must

I was contacted by this gentleman who took frequent trips across Alligator Alley, he has the little old lady story for his Lincoln Towncar, older car with little mileage to and from the grocery store and now it's in his possession. He was referred to me by the manager JJ, at Modern Auto Air, this customer loves to be personally referred to someone that he does business with, so it was a pleasure to be able to work with him and his wife. He was looking for the best protection he could gain all while Read more [...]

Customer tries to remove own film

These customers were great, they had some platinum film on their Honda Civic that was getting hard to see thru so she tried removing the film herself, and did a pretty good job until she got to the bottom of the rear window, that's where it got difficult. It's very tight in this small space, so I was called in to finish the job. After much discussion with my customer about what would be right for his needs he decided he wanted the most heat protection possible. So we spoke about Sunteks CXP film, Read more [...]

Not a cheaper film

On this Toyota Camry, the customer decided that the heat protection and the cost were the most important things to consider when choosing film. So we discussed using Suntek Carbon film, with his film choice he is rejecting 44% of the heat coming into his car. The film also gives a nice smoked look to the glass for privacy and will also protect his interior with 99% UV light being blocked. The Carbon film is a cheaper alternative to Sunteks CXP line, but is in no way a cheap film, the carbon film Read more [...]

Tennessee bound GTI

This customer was tired of driving around in a car that felt like a fishbowl. Sunteks cxp film was his choice for high heat reduction and the privacy he would gain with the film. So I rushed down to get him taken care of before his trip back up north. The car looks amazing now, the blue paint on the car and the smoked look on the windows gives the car a refined look. Now the temperatures in Tennessee will be even easier to deal with now that 56% of the heat is being blocked from entering the vehicle. Read more [...]

Safety in mind

After my eye Dr. saw the benefits of a safety film she immediately wanted her new townhome protected as well. She had been broken into on several occasions and was tired of the stress and worry about being violated and stolen from at her business, many expensive eyeglass frames were stolen not to mention broken glass everywhere from the window. A clear safety film was installed to perfect her office while still allowing customers to see into it. On her home however she was still worried about the Read more [...]

Too darn hot

My recent customer has a brand new GMC Denali that was not dark enough and very hot inside. We had discussion about what differences the film had and decided on Sunteks cxp film for its 56% heat block, that's about 18% more heat protection than my regular carbon film. He also was interested in having the windshield done as well, he was very fond of my cxp 80 which is a very light film but keeps 44% of the heat out of the vehicle and reduces glare in daytime and nighttime from oncoming drivers. We Read more [...]

Residential window film

Saturday morning beautiful day for Tinting windows. I have a customer in a Mobil home park in North Ft Myers FL that was getting blinded by the sun in the afternoon, and the heat that was coming in would heat the entire house at the end of the day. I was contacted to give an estimate for blocking the heat and glare. We decided to go with Suntek syds 15 for its very high heat protection, 99% UV block and crystal clear view. My customer was so happy to have the film they had debated about choosing Read more [...]

Fixing aftermath of excavator incident

I was contacted by a local equipment rental company that had an incident with a giant weight and the window on this excavator. He zigged when he should have zagged and the end result was a broken window and new film needing to be installed. They were in need of a very dark film to make it as comfortable as possible for the operator. This was such a large window it was nice to have the assistance of my wife to keep a second set of hands to help hold the film. Great care was taken to cover all the Read more [...]